For the past years, the Galerie Jörg Schuhmacher has specialized in fine artworks. Situated in the historical city centre of Frankfurt am Main, Galerie Jörg Schuhmacher is nestled between famous antiques shops and trendy contemporary art galleries in the shadow of the famous Emperor Cathedral.

Our gallery specializes in master drawings of the period from 1900-2000 and offers a wide array of important German and International artists from this period.

In addition to German Expressionists we are specialists of the Ecole de Paris and American Pop Art. One can find works by artists such as Jean Dubuffet, Andy Warhol, Fernand Legér, Sam Francis, Raoul Dufy, Auguste Herbin and many more. We organize exhibitions with contemporary artist several times a year.

While our clientele includes national and international museums and renowned art collectors, we take pride in our special emphasis on first time buyers looking to cultivate their love of the arts. 

We are looking forward seeing you.


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